Like myself, you have probably been faced with concerns for the safety and well-being of your employees over the pasts few months. You’ve also likely wrestled with the difficulties of finding a prudent way to continue your business after recent virally instigated turmoil. Health recommendations, advice, and regulations have bombarded you in an unending stream of self- contradictory information, rendering you unable to discern a clear path of action.

As an experienced, Vanderbilt- trained MD, I’m offering you and employees a course on immune prepping. In this course, I help you understand your immune system, with its components, enemies, and allies. Furthermore, I help equip you with the tools to discern a viable path forward. An understanding of the basics of the immune system is crucial to making an informed decision on the medical difficulties of the upcoming months, and with this course you will be equipped with just that.

I am ready to present this 12 session course to you and your employees in a variety of different ways, depending on what works for you:

  • With 11 weekly online Q&A sessions OR
  • Accompanied by a single 3 hour Q&A session on a weekday evening or Saturday OR
  • By itself, without the addition of a live Q&A

In addition, I am open to setting up an online or in-person introductory session for the course.

Please reach back out to info@sanctuaryfm.org to talk about how we can serve your employees and relieve much fear and anxiety.

If you have not had a chance to watch the Immune Prep Webinar, head over to the webinar for an introduction to the content and ideas of the course.