Immune Preppers for the 21st Century

  • Hidden infections attack from the shadows
  • Pandemics come and go
  • Rumors of biological warfare percolate on social media

You don’t have time to wait
You can’t trust everything you are told about your health

Your immune system needs power and training ( page with links)
– Optimize your Vitamin D level
– Remove saboteurs like metals
– Manage stress and its impact on immune health
– Discern what your immune system is telling you

This is just the beginning to your immune prepper basic training

  • We have recorded 12 weekly video sessions with Dr. Potter.
  • From there you spend 11 weekly sessions with Dr. Potter.
  • You can watch the recorded session at your convenience each week
  • Dr. Potter then meets you weekly on Zoom for a live Q and A session
  • Upon graduation you will be empowered to pursue the healthier more abundant life.

Get Started Today!

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