“I was educated on health and wellness by Dr. Potter and know how my body works. I know how to boost my immune system. I know to purify my water. I know what vitamins I need for my body and I know to only eat real God made food that was grown on this earth not processed by man…Thank you Dr. Potter for all you taught me. Spread the word on how to be practically bulletproof, and eat food as medicine. Thank you for healing me. Now I can share my experiences to help and end suffering.” – Megan S.
Patient, mother, and frontline worker in memory care unit

 I am grateful that Dr. Potter has walked with me on a long journey. When I first met with Dr. Potter a few years ago it would be an understatement to say that my overall health was not in a good place. I had seen many doctors through the years as I sought help to address my issues. Since I was not overweight and had healthy cholesterol numbers many doctors tried to tell me I was perfectly healthy. Along with other symptoms, I lived with chronic, and at times extreme, fatigue along with chronic joint pain. I embarked on a journey of healthy eating which led to improvements, but the crushing fatigue and joint pain were always present to some degree. Dr. Potter has patiently peeled back the layers of my multi-faceted problems and helped me work through them. My quality of life is immeasurably higher, I’m a better wife and mother because I don’t have daily joint pain and fatigue. As a business owner I’ve been able to be joyful and passionate in my work again. Everyone at Sanctuary Functional Medicine has treated me with compassion and respect from the first day I walked through their door. I am grateful to be one of their patients. – Melissa W.

Dr. Potter has so much wisdom and has helped me tremendously over the past couple of years. The plan he has put together for me has strengthened my immune system and improved my overall health. I trust his knowledge and plan to continue under his care for years to come.
Tara Drew